Monday, June 4, 2012

Wake Up On Fire/Nux Vomica Split LP

Artist: Nux Vomica/Wake Up On Fire
Album: Split(2008)
Genre: Atmospheric Crusty Thrash Sludge Amazingness
Country: Baltimore//Portland

Side A:
Wake Up On Fire
1. Stay Out of This World
2. Stress By Design/Crazy Ole Bossman
Side B:
Nux Vomica
1. When The Bombs Hit The Ground
2. Drunk On Freedom

What can I say, it's probably my all time favorite split. Members of Wake Up On Fire formed Nux Vomica played a few more years in Baltimore and moved to Portlandia. Great work by both bands. Love the cello work in Wake Up On Fire's "Stay Out of This World" and the shoegazy d-beats of Nux Vomica's "Drunk On Freedom". Great lyrics, excellent rounded musicianship. Listen/Buy/Download if you haven't yet.


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