Monday, June 11, 2012

Rise of Caligula - Parading From Heavens Descent 2009

Artist: Rise of Caligula
Album: Parading From Heavens Descent
Genre: Blackened Grind, Hardcore, Crust
Country: CA, USA

1. Slums
2. Choke
3. Swans On Colossus
4. (A) October [Abandonment]
5. Repulsion / (B) January [Malignance]
6. The Republic
7. Severed From the Mother Stone
8. Hanierah Denniah
9. (C) March [Allegations]
10. Calender Year / Heroin Blues

Featuring old members of This Side of the Nightmare/Future Deafheaven. Even better than the previous album!


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