Friday, January 6, 2012

Cumbeast - "Human Piñata"

Artist: Cumbeast
Album: Human Piñata
Genre: Pornogrind
Country: Finland

1. The Ancient Cumbeast
2. Fisting The Whore
3. Foreskin Eater
4. Strangled With A Dreadlock
5. Hostile Ape Posse
6. Back Alley Bludgeonment
7. Pre-Burial Pope Molestation
8. Raping Santa
9. Bum Basher

Alright. So when you see the name Cumbeast, it probably won't inspire you to think, "Hey, this sounds like a quality band, with classy music." Well, you'd be wrong.
About the quality of the band. No one's going to try to argue that this is classy music by any means. However, it's God damn awesome music. In fact, this is the album that got me into heavy music. If it wasn't for Cumbeast, I'd still be listening to Korn and Slipknot, wishing I knew of heavier stuff.

Right off the bat, you're being slammed in the face by intense blast bleats, and guttural vocals. While this is awesome, it's nothing new. So how do these guys pull it off so well?
Well, first off, I think their singer's an actual pig-demon. I've never heard vocals as low as these. It's just silly almost, but brutal as hell. Next thing Cumbeast does wonderfully would be groove. Rarely in this genre do you ever feel like you can actually dig into a song, and have fun listening to it. But every song on this album has grooves that'll put you into a stupor. The awesome blend of funky groove and slamming death metal truly makes this a unique album. And while other bands in the genre than Cumbeast implement grooves, nothing as groovy as this. It's like Pantera and Devourment got it on.

Another welcome characteristic of the album is a fairly clean production style, something which seems to escape the capabilities(for whatever reasons) of most bands. Each instrument is defined well, and arranged well. Guitar parts are in your face, ranging from high-speed death metal obliteration, to groove-laced rhythms that really set the bar higher for every kind of music. The drums are precise, and pounding, truly complimenting the heavy and funky nature of everything else going on. These guys have taken a genre I rarely can get excited about, and injected it with a sense of rhythm and brutality that can't be beat.

Man, those vocals. I don't even.

If you're into metal of any kind, I'd highly recommend this album. Be wary of the vocals however, as they are quite extreme. And as with any pornogrind band, don't expect the music to be anything but lighthearted. Fortunately, this lighter approach to the music just adds a sense of excitement and energy to each song. Truly, Cumbeast sticks out above just about every other band in the genre as a group of highly-skilled and innovative song-writer's and musicians.

Song-writing? In pornogrind? My God, how even... These guys have a second album out as well, "Gourmet Of Ill Shit", which slams just as hard and heavy. I can't wait to see what comes from these guys in the future.

Mediafire: (This looks to be a pretty low bitrate version, but it's the best I can find. Sorry guys!)

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