Thursday, August 29, 2013

Robins/Baltimore Cults - Best Friends (Split) (2013)

Artist: Robins, Baltimore Cults
Album: Best Friends, Split
Genre: Emo, Screamo
Country: PA, USA

Robins - Welcome to Future City
Robins - That High, That Quick
Baltimore Cults - Arnold & Gerald Go To Julliard
Baltimore Cults - Harvey Adams Ruined My Life

Band Submission

Leer - Springbreaknoparents (2013)

Artist: Leer
Album: Springbreaknoparents
Genre: Screamo, Rock, Post Hardcore
Country: CA, USA

As Cool As An Attempted Suicide 04:07
Spring Break 03:13
Commemoration 03:41
House Music 02:03
No Parents 03:10
Tender Compliments 02:04
Perpetuity 05:18


Monday, August 19, 2013


GAIZ! Listen, this is my band i play drums in.. i know, how incredibly tacky of me to post this, but if you will look at my previous posts youll know i wouldnt post anything not worth listening to. WE are an indie rock band based in vegas, and we just want to share our message of love with you all. So if you will please; open your minds, your hearts, and your eyes and be a part of fyml.

check dis one first..

Artist: For You, My Lady
Album: Sunset and Allan
Genre: Indie
Country: usa

1. Square Rims Plaid Shirts
2. Monsters we Conquer
3. Dont Touch That's Mine
4. City Swept Away
5. Youre ocean


Sunday, August 18, 2013

Human Trade and PlasticBag FaceMask Split (2013)

Artist: Human Trade, PlasticBag FaceMask
Album: Split
Genre: Grindcore, Thrash/Prog-Noise-Math
Country: USA

Human Trade
1. Intro
2. Ritualistic Hipster Slaughter
3. A Future No Sir
4. Picked Apart
5. Sample
6. A Victim's Body Language
7. Eating Ones Light
8. I Used to Love Her Until I Broke the Needle Off
9. Splatter Art
10. Blind and Lost (Nail Bomb cover)
11. Against the System or Holding Hands With Them
12. Drain Your Worth
13. Civil Wars Daily
PlasticBag FaceMask
14. Lesbian Gangs of New York Starring Daniel Gay Lewis
15. Space N00dz
16. I Want to Call the Suicide Hotline and Have Phone Sex
17. Der's a Coyote Over Der, Eh?
18. Smooth As the Devil, Black As Hell


Saturday, August 17, 2013

Stay Asleep - Demo

Artist: Stay Asleep
Album: Demo
Genre: xXskr0o0mzXx
Country: Englandland

1. Dodge a Punch, Take a Punch 2:12
2. Self Titled 2:11
3. I Don't Mean to Sound Like Lenny Kravitz, But... 2:15


Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Rorcal - Vilàgvège (2013)

Artist: RORCAL
Album: Vilàgvège
Genre: Drone, Doom, Black Metal
Country: Switzerland

1. I
2. D
3. II
4. V
5. IV
6. VII
7. VI

Label Submission! PS: Wow

Hourvari - EP 2011

Artist: Hourvari
Album: EP 2011
Genre: Post metal, Post Hardcore
Country: Laval, France
Label Tumblr
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1. I
2. II

Label Submission!

What Makes a Time Bomb Tic - The Innocence of Children (2013)

Artist: What Makes a Time Bomb Tic
Album: The Innocence of Children
Genre: Deathocre
Country: CA, USA

1. Pride
2. Gluttony
3. Envy
4. Wrath
5. Lust
6. Greed
7. Sloth


Monday, August 12, 2013

Haunter - The Gnashing of Keif

Artist: Haunter
Album: The Gnashing of Keif
Genre: Stonercore
Country: US of A

1. Dergs 2:33
2. Freedom & Weep 3:27
3. Howler 3:34
4. Shoegaze Girls 2:10


Bonjour Machines - Level Up!

Artist: Bonjour Machines
Album: Level Up!
Genre: Finding Memo
Country: Israel

Ilai and the faggots are back. Got an early download of this but forgot all about it because I'm a scrub.

1. You Did It 2:55
2. No Soap Radio 2:09
3. Short (Oh (Sney Snow)) 2:13
4. Challenger 4:25
5. Hannah 1:53
6. Garden Level/Double Hills 4:29
7. Runs the 2000 3:58
8. With My Chin Up and My Expectations Down 4:40
9. Instrumental 6:30
10. Band, Disband! 4:53
11. 2012 2:06


Skullkid - Demo

Artist: Skullkid
Album: Demo
Genre: Skramzork

1. Friend of Mine 3:05
2. Gargantuan Moon 5:05
3. Princess Geometra and the Origami Castle 1:57
4. It's Hard to Breathe Up Here But At Least the View is Nice 3:46
5. Transcendental Demeditation//Remedial Transcendentalism 1:28