Thursday, June 21, 2012

Dead Heroes-Love Is A Dog From Hell

Artist: Dead Heroes
Album: Love Is A Dog From Hell
Genre:  Stoner Punk/Hardcore/Good Vibes
Country: Alabama,U.S.

1. Me and That Old Woman: Sorrow/Alone With Everbody
2. One More Creature Dizzy With Love/We Will Taste The Islands and The Sea
3. Scarlet/Prayer In Bad Weather
4. Popular Melodies In The Last of Your Mind/In A Neighborhood of Murder

I saw this band play in 2010 at a very short lived venue, The Captive, in Fresno. I only played/attended 2 shows there and then it closed for some reason. Maybe because the people who ran it were dix. Anyway, we got a chance to play with these guys along with Cabin Fire. They put on a groovy energetic performance with a lot of positive energy. The drummer passed away about 1-2 weeks after that show. I don't know if they had finished their tour or were still on it, but I hope all of them are leading happy and fun lives. And to the drummer(I never caught his name): Rest In Paradise my man.


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