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So you want to be part of ____Core, do ya? Well, sonny, we can use your musical taste to help this blog have more variety and frequency.

  1. Follow the post format, unless you can provide the same information in a way you feel is better, go right ahead.
  2. PLEASE provide a link for merch or where you can buy the album (Bandcamp, iTunes, etc). Let's keep these bands fed and give something back in return for making awesome music and let them continue to do so.
  3. Experience helps. In your email include what you have done before that is related to blogs, music, or website shit. It's not like this is a hard thing to do, but whatever.
  4. Post anything you want, all genres, your friend that draws album covers or shirt designs, hell, why not start posting video game reviews? Fill In the Blank Core, man.
  5. Go ahead, I encourage you to post your own music, your significant other's music, and your grandpa's music. That's totally cool.
  6. Mediafire is the fastest and easiest (and free-est) file sharing site I've seen so far, and I hope you agree and use it if you are going to post links to a file share site. (but Bandcamp is by far the best, amirite?)
  7. I know I said you can post anything, but come on... I don't know about you, but I've seen too many deathcore blogs that post the same thing. I still love 'em and there is a spot in my heart for deathcore, but try and keep this blog unique and try not to post an album you just saw on 4 other blogs unless you HAVE to.
  8. Let's refrain from posting leaks please. Anything illegal to download freely, so in lamen's terms, don't post a free download to an album that is distributed and owned by a label, UNLESS the link is to the label's free download. If the band is DIY and giving away the music for free, they are wanted here. If not, please try to keep these guys fed and able to continue playing. If you have to, post the download link and the purchase link along with it. Leaks blogs are getting in trouble left and right and I already had an account suspended. Let's keep this blog simply for promotion.
I think that covers it. send an email to saying you want to be involved, a general idea of the kind of things you would be posting, and anything else you wanna say. Oh and how often you would post. Just a guess at least. PS I reserve the right to edit your posts, but the only thing I would do is add the labels/tags if you forgot to do so, fix the links, and resize the images to make the post look pretty on the blog. I will not edit your words on the post.

Thaaaaaaank youuuuuuuuu

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  1. You guys posted us already. and thank you so much!

    im randall, i sing. how did you ind us?