Monday, June 25, 2012

Fall of Efrafa-Inle

Artist: Fall of Efrafa
Album: Inle
Genre: Melodic Doom/Sludge/Hardcore
Country: England,UK

1. Simulacrum
2. Fu Inle
3. The Burial
4. Woundwort
5. The Sky Suspended
6. Warren of Snares

I've been waiting to go on a Fall of Efrafa posting craze! This is their last installment in the Warren of Snares series. This band is a concept band whose focus centers around the book "Watership Down" and how it ties in to totalitarianism and human/animal/Earth abuses in our realm. Animal liberation is a constant subject in their lyrical themes. The members are also vegan. The band is 100% DIY, too. The one album I didn't post from them is their split with Down To Agony which features the song, "No Longer Human". Go check all their shite out and rock out. They also have a DVD of their U.S. tour and last show up on youtube and up for order somewhere.


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