Sunday, January 13, 2013


So! Any This Town Needs Guns fans out there? Well, if you haven't been seduced by the new vocalist yet, then I would strongly reccomend that you all check out his earlier efforts. Though it took some searching, I found a demo released by what I think is his earliest known work. Though some of you may have listened to Henry Tremain's other early effort, Pennines, (if not, kill yourself) you will be pleasantly offput by this beautiful 5 song split and the way it takes a more abrasive and, at some times, punky look at the more beautiful sides of math rock by taking a more post rocky look at things. In the style usually followed by Henry, there is hardly any finger tapping to be heard, and the finger picking will just pluck your heart out. This is what music sounds like when it is written from the prospect of artistry. The tracks are listed bellow, so do take a look and have yourself a download.

1.If You Throw Your Eyes My Way
2. Lip Service To Friends
3. In The Unlikely Event Of a Fire
4. Tide of Toungue and Toothache
5. Call and Response

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