Monday, January 7, 2013

Modest Proposal Demo

Dated cover art from their old demo, from when before they changed their name.
Artist: Modest Proposal
Album: Demo
Genre: Hardcore/Powerviolence
Country: IL, USA

1. Consent
2. Tool
3. Fault
4. Never Forget
5. Person

Here's another local band that really hits me hard. Modest Proposal is angry and pissed and grooved out, and they know it.

A two piece band to me has never sounded so good. Consisting of just a bassist and drummer(both who contribute to vocals), MP delivers an assault of distorted and crushing hardcore rhythms and grooves. Having seeing their live show, I can say with certainty that these guys have an energy that you find with few bands in the genre these days. Listening to the demo, you really hear the passion and fury in the songs.

In terms of song structure and the such, it's mostly pretty standard. However, there are times in songs where the pace is really shifted, and fast and furious punky sections transition to slammy grooves. These are songs to mosh to, plain and simple. The energy is there, and you just need to take it and use it for yourself.

To summarize, this is an awesome demo, from a band that is awesome, and who deserve your downloads and listening. One last note, the vocals of the bassist, Clement... They're awesome. He has such an interesting and unique voice for the genre. For me, his vocals really make some of the songs. Keep it up boys.

I actually recorded this demo, and hope to be recording with them again, and possibly doing a split. So look for some more material from them in the future!


Bandcamp Download Here!

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