Monday, April 15, 2013

The Exploration - Demography

Artist: The Exploration
Album: Demography
Country: US of A

1. This Will Blossom 3:05
2. I Guess, I'm Leaving 4:54
3. The Ocean 3:33
4. Somewhere in the Middle 2:27
5. Gone 1:06
6. Meeting, 4:07
7. Watching it Pass 3:39
8. Untitled 0:46
9. Goodbye 1:12
10. An Ending 2:31

I’ve paced across this island to search for signs of life. Built shelters and made fires breathing only for my wife, but sadly seems I won’t be making my way back to you. Will never feel your hand again held firm inside of two. With all your mind let go of me; reach deep inside your heart and know that I have loved you dear all of my days from start. Raise our child well and strong, I send my love to him. And if he ever strays or falls pick him up again. It seems I can’t release your hand and let slip the time that we spent. Cannot we dream that I’m still there? For I will always be there with you.

One of the few bands that can make a grown man with a grown beard grow inside. Yes, I'm talking about your heart. Because you have to be heartless to not like this.


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