Monday, January 7, 2013

Foreign Policy - "Kevin Eat Pee"

Artist: Foreign Policy
Album: Kevin Eat Pee
Genre: Punk/Hardcore
Country: IL, USA

1. Martial Law
2. Scheduled Procrastination
3. Fear Campaign
4. Caged
5. My Life

First post in a while from me guys. Been working on a lot of stuff myself. I thought I'd take the time to write about some local bands that kick ass though. And first off is Foreign Policy.

Playing old school style skater punk hardcore type stuff, these guys are pretty rad. Nothing super groundbreaking, but a really fun listen. Short, angry, and mildly groovy, I highly recommend listening to these guys, and downloading their album. They have some serious potential to make some killer material.

My favorite song on the album would probably be "Caged". It has undeniable groove, and is a killer jam. The energy provided on all the songs is really awesome, but on "Caged" in particular, you hear what the band is really about, in my opinion.

Overall, solid album. Nothing new or original, but that's not a bad thing. These guys do what they do, and they do it right.


Bandcamp download here!

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