Saturday, January 12, 2013


Artist: Pswingset
Album: All Our False Starts
Genre: Indie, Math, Grunge
Country: USA

1. Swept Under
2. Slow Dance
3. Native Pass
4. Bokeh
5. Surplus and Minus
6. Perfect Teeth
7. Husk
8. Endless Lists
9. Gold and Mud


So! As my first post here I'll just throw something out that got me started on
all of this. None of you care for long explanations, so I'll be merciful for
now. lets just say Ben Gibbard's instrumentals took an adrenaline shot, got drunk and slept with Kurt Cobain, who invited Phil Collins to get involved with his sexual prowess and slightly necessary hair loss and you've got Pswingset. (their lead vocalist really is bald) Do check them out, do buy their incredible CD, and do spread the word. This entire album speaks for itself so do yourself a favor and listen.

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