Thursday, January 5, 2012

Obsek - "Traumatic Experiment"

Artist: Obsek
Album: Traumatic Experiment
Genre: Metalcore
Country: Quebec. In Canada or something.

1. Toward Another Dimension
2. The Missing Element
3. Toadstool
4. Twisted
5. Then, I Relapse
6. Till The Last Drop
7. Thus Falls The Curtain
8. Temptacles
9. This One Doesn't Start With A 'T' (Jean Coutu)

I'm having a hard time putting this into words. Anyone out there in a deathcore/metalcore band should listen to this album. Obsek makes some seriously good tunes. Blending together heavy and melody perfectly, these guys have crafted one hell of an album.

This isn't your standard deathcore breakdown-factory. The musicianship in these songs is quite astounding. From well placed guitar solos and leads, to crushing rhythms and destructive drums, these guys like to show off their skills. And they should. Guitar parts are interesting, and work well with each other. Transitions in songs are constructed wonderfully. And it's heavy. My geez, this thing is heavy. Not even always in a slummy, brutal kind of way. More like the heaviness that comes from epic-sounding instrumentals, and a general fast-paced approach to all things metal.

Obsek has struck quite a nice balance with this album. Although certain parts can drag on for quite some time, songs are memorable, and rarely sound the same, all while keeping the same melodic vibe and heaviness. Guitars complement each other perfectly in terms of rhythm and lead, and the demonic vocals help add to the sense of epic. Basically, it's hard to describe exactly how good this album is, or how much it rips through my persona. I can't wait to see what these guys come up with in the future.

To recap, this is a great album. Anyone who likes any kind of "core" will find something to like about this album, and I especially recommend this as a listen for anyone in a deathcore/metalcore band. Obsek have created a truly unique masterpiece in the genre, and I wish these guys could get some more recognition as the musical awesomesauce they are.

My favorite songs off this album are "Then, I Relapse" and "Till The Last Drop". Sooooooooooooooooooo geeewwwwwd.

Bandcamp(All their music is free on here):

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