Sunday, August 18, 2013

Human Trade and PlasticBag FaceMask Split (2013)

Artist: Human Trade, PlasticBag FaceMask
Album: Split
Genre: Grindcore, Thrash/Prog-Noise-Math
Country: USA

Human Trade
1. Intro
2. Ritualistic Hipster Slaughter
3. A Future No Sir
4. Picked Apart
5. Sample
6. A Victim's Body Language
7. Eating Ones Light
8. I Used to Love Her Until I Broke the Needle Off
9. Splatter Art
10. Blind and Lost (Nail Bomb cover)
11. Against the System or Holding Hands With Them
12. Drain Your Worth
13. Civil Wars Daily
PlasticBag FaceMask
14. Lesbian Gangs of New York Starring Daniel Gay Lewis
15. Space N00dz
16. I Want to Call the Suicide Hotline and Have Phone Sex
17. Der's a Coyote Over Der, Eh?
18. Smooth As the Devil, Black As Hell


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