Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Battle Pig - "Overlord"

Artist: Battle Pig
Album: Overlord
Genre: Brutal Slamming Guttural Fucking Fuck Slam
Country: MI, USA

1. Bulldozer
2. Columbine
3. Detest
4. The Path
5. Rampage

I don't even. It's like these guys just shit heavy. I can't even write anything besides that this is fucking heavy. Like, Disfiguring The Goddess, but angrier and with better production kind of heavy. I can't find any download links or a Facebook anywhere. If I remember from when I downloaded the album a long time ago, these guys are a joke band. What a fucking joke, because actually, it's stupid how heavy this stuff is.

Right off the bat with "Bulldozer"(I think. My album order is screwed up.), you're instantly alerted; This is no album for pussies. Go into this album and expect some of the heaviest, most brutal music you've ever heard. If you're expecting anything else, you will just be destroyed. I mean, the guitars, the drums, and the voccaaalllsss. This thing is a masterpiece of heavy.

I mean, there's not much else left to say. I wish these guys had more ways to reach them online, but there's no way around that.
To listen, go to their Myspace

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