Sunday, May 5, 2013


So; lets scoot a few years back. I was trying to promote my own music on these pointless things on facebook called like ladders, and in the process liked this band. Not until a year later from that day did I check these dudes out as one of my all time favorites (Hail The Sun) posted about these chaps. Upon checking them out I was blown. The fuck. Away. The technical ability of these dudes is absolutely nutz, but thats not what gets me about them. Its the unknown story in the mysterious chaos of each song that pulls you in and proves with every note that there are some things words can't quite express... check these guys out, youd be making a mistake not to.

1.if you understood me, the roots would have grown’ve drifted so far (an expanse behind) 
3.brightness will bloom from the seeds that you’ve sown 
4.days lengthen without sunlight (if only in my mind) 
5.someday you’ll remember; I carried you, always 02:31

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