Sunday, February 3, 2013


So! I really dig this EP, and I love the band name. Very reminiscant of The Mars Volta and very soulfully written. Releases like this really get me; what with the small number of tracks and low budget production it is difficult to have vision come through have energy visible, but these guys really nailed it. The music is mostly centered around guitar, but those tasty drum licks and fills are irresistible (I'm a drummer myself). The vocals aren't entirely my style, but they do pull them off better then most. At any rate, these guys have a tour coming up soon with las vegas band Stolas, whose upcoming record features guest vocals from both Donovan Melero of Hail The Sun, and Kurt Travis of Dance Gavin Dance. Expect big things soon, and keep a close eye on THESE COLORS by hitting them up on facebook and maybe even seeing them on tour this next month!

Chaxiraxi EP
1. Sonny Koufax
2. Wax Poetic
3. Chantico
4. De-oriented



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